Nitrous, Superchargers, and Turbo Info in here
Turbocharger Normally a t3t4 57trim area.. 50 trim ok, but fast spool.. bigger slower spool obviously..
Turbo manifold
Turbo downpipe
Wastegate: dont cheap out here.. it holds your boost under control.. you dont want spikes from a lousy WG
Gaskets. I recomend stainless steel single layer gaskets. I have them on each flange of the hotparts. Atpturbo has them
BOV and a BOV flange for the IC piping
Useage of a gen 2 nismo upperpipe for a 3inch MAF housing Or stock maf housing and a MAF adapter
Intercooler piping..> ebay black 2.5 inch intercooler piping kit and intercooler (cxracing) <<nice stuff for cheap
WRX 440 injectors or injectors of choice
1 step colder NGK plugs
SAFC 2 or other sort of fuel management
Innovate LC-1 kit with XD-16 gauge and ssi-4 datalogger>> Or some other sort of wideband and a datalogger if you choose.
Gauges- these two I recomend are mandatory for safety
Boost gauge
oil pressure gauge
Recomend a EGT or fuel pressure after these 2
Prosport oil sandwhich or nisport oils sender adapter
3an ss feed line with a -3 fitting with 1/8npt for the sandwhich or nisport. Also a oil restrictor like this> ... e=ATP-OIL1
Also a 90* needed a 1/8npt to -3 for the feed line to screw onto.
10an ss return line with an fittings. one 45* for oil pan side and one straight for turbo flange. Alson need a return flange for the turbo return like this> ... y_Code=FLA
Some type of midpipe recomended but not needed. Protech Fabrication kit like mine comes with a midpipe.
Recomend some sort of catback. 3inch Highly recomended

If you cant get a turbo kit made for your car with this list, rethink putting a turbo on in the first place :)
Enjoy, and happy building
what bout FMIC's? i posted a link somewhere around here about "building your own turbo kit" also
Theres a intercooler mention with the intercooler pipes.
triadskate wrote:not trying to ask any dumb questions but... I know you can buy a turbo kit anywhere around $3200+ so if I were to buy my own parts listed below. About how much would it cost me?

corinator pieced a kit together for 1200 dollars
this is a knowledgeable guy with experience

Barry on the other side
with little, besides book knowledge, and no real experience

bought a 2 jr kit and had them install it and tune it
most important, tune it

cost 3800 dollars out the door
for a b15
there are some new parts and procedures now too

uprev tuning [04- up]

using the upper oil pan for the oil hole

insulating the oil lines

vacuum blocks

real crankcase ventilation systems
that allow full drag runs [to 7000 rpm] and two hour mtn runs
w/o shooting the dip stick out or spraying oil all over the engine
note oil drains back into crankcase thru new y dipstick tube

engine clean after all out runs

much better heat isolation from the better insulating tapes available
as you see above

3" maf tubes
down and mid pipes

whats amazing to me,
this produces near 400 hp and is docile

no 15000 rpm idle
no screaming the engine to make power [comes in at 2000 rpm]

easy to put the power to the ground [with intelligent throttle control]
amazing to me
Nice addition Barry. I just stopped by after a long time away and seen this. All good add ons.

BTW, my car is still being hammered on and runs like a top.
You'd be ok with 2.5 but might I recommend a 3inch maf housing pipe at least.
Gas Needle/Gauge

When I fill up sometimes my needle goes all the wa[…]

Gas Needle/Gauge

When I fill up sometimes my needle goes all the wa[…]

Gas Needle/Gauge

When I fill up sometimes my needle goes all the wa[…]

Gas Needle/Gauge

When I fill up sometimes my needle goes all the wa[…]