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By Mkennedy9389
Starting a new showoff for my new (to me) 1996 nissan 200sx se-r. The 200sx is basically a sentra coupe, the se-r model came stock with the sr20de! :D I have a lot of plans for this car, but for now I'm going to daily this to work and garage my spec v for the winter. Car came with a few mods already on it, when the stock motor goes I'm going to throw a jdm sr20det bluebird in it. Hopefully the motor doesn't last too long lol! As of right now she's got:

D2 fully adjustable coilovers
Stainless steel header (unsure of the brand)
Full 2.5 in exhaust
K&N short ram intake
Infinity g20t ecu
Drilled/slotted rotors

And there's probably more that I will find out after tinkering a little with the car
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By Mkennedy9389
Since getting the car a few weeks ago, every spare minute I've had has been spent on body work. Bought some new fenders to replace the rotted out ones, repaired a whole bunch of rust, sanded down and repainted all the plastics and hood. I've never done body work before, I think my first attempt has come out pretty good.
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By Mkennedy9389
Ive been driving the 200 as a daily for a couple weeks now, I've noticed a lot of hesitation before 5k rpms. After I hit the 5k mark, the car would just take off. Read up on a lot of information about the issue and found that I probably need to advance my timing. I bought a timing gun today and checked, my timing was only at about 6*. Ideally when you advance, you are around 15-19*, so it's a big jump. After advancing, the car feels completely different. The exhaust got deeper, the car absolutely flies after that 5k rpm mark. I'm still feeling a little lag around 3.5k, I'm gonna hit the injectors with a little sea foam this weekend and see if that fixes the problem. Also, some more pics

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