By DCRSr20Det
Well its been a long time since I've been on here. The turbo specv fell troughso i dont have. The 6sp swap also didnt happen the guy i was going to buy from stoped talking to me. An at this point i have no 5th gear in the car.

The lip is a stillen lip.
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By canesXE
DCRSr20Det wrote:O screw you Mike. This one is Boosted, aint nothing popping off this baby. You wish your car looked like this.

No I like the way mine looks :D but I wouldn't mind having your MOTOR :thumbup:
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By Man Whore
By DCRSr20Det
What Ray?? Needed to get rid of it. I told you I needed something bigger. You couldnt come up with the money fast enough and i got a good cash offer.
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By Tonez
Sentra was sick, so sad to see it gone, but...............

new ride looks nice! Congrats!
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