Any non sentra vehicle
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By jamaul08
yogib777 wrote:yay good brakes

what kind of power are you expecting with the new turbo

I have no clue honestly. I have not been on a dyno since the last rebuild, so with no baseline it's hard for me to approximate the output. I do know that this build is much more efficient than my last and definitely produces more power.

It should be anywhere from 350-400 on maybe 12-13psi.

My tuner is in a new shop and does not have his dynamometer installed yet. We've been street tuning the car on the highway and then I take it to the mountains to test balance and response.
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By jamaul08
It's race season so things have been busy at the shop..... my car will be ready before the trip though!

There were a lot of little things I noticed during my last mountain run a few weeks back that need to be addressed.
By yogib777
jamaul08 wrote:

wow great memories, thanks
my hotel [dragons pit] was at the end of this run

running along that road, side exhaust bounching off the rock walls

the wifenpouff
whiffin and pouffin

wife beating on my shoulder

barbaque and bed at the end
no cell, no wifi



your so fast too
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By jamaul08
I'm so behind schedule with this thing..... because of well..... life lol.

Remember that 140A alternator upgrade I mentioned? Yeah, it's finally happening!

IR Performance is rebuilding the alternator I shipped them today. Should have it ready by the end of the week. Next weekend I'll get the rebuilt alternator installed and drop the car off at the shop. It's been sitting for a while, so I'd like them to do a once-over and make sure everything is running how it should. May even do a few upgrades if the price is right.
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By jamaul08
Lol, I wish I could explain why I'm still fighting with alternators a year later... but I can't. Long story short I'm now using an (S6) 140A alternator from the 3rd gen RX-7. The pulley bore size is different, so I've ordered a new double belt pulley from Mazdatrix that was made just for this swap.

Hoping to have this completed soon.
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By jamaul08
yogib777 wrote:good to see you back
and this thing still running

i'm on to meth injection for my next project

Yessir, I'm still around :D

What meth kit do you have? I have still have mine installed, but cut power to the pump until we could work out other electrical issues.
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By jamaul08
New pulley installed... Only issue is the pulley is much smaller than my old one, so the belts no longer have the correct tension even with the alternator at highest position. Will be picking up shorter belts this week.

I did get the car started with the new alternator and it holds 15.4V at idle.
By yogib777
i have a pieced together system
i use the cooling mist pump ,1/4" clear lines and connectors
and one way valve
ImageIMAG0277 by Barry Belgard, on Flickr

a devilsown 447 ml/min, filtered injector in a cooling mist holder
ImageDSCN0878 (2) by Barry Belgard, on Flickr

devilsown water filter, and boost activation [set at 10lb]
ImageDSCN0883 (2) by Barry Belgard, on Flickr
ImageDSCN0862 (2)_LI by Barry Belgard, on Flickr
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