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By jamaul08
Sooooo I was able to get shorter belts, but they are a little too short. Issue is that alternator no longer drops low enough for me to get these smaller belts on (hits the top of the engine). I managed to squeeze one belt on, so I'm running with the one currently. Going to look for belts 0.5" longer and try those.

The car runs, but needs some attention after sitting for so long. Pulls hard up to 100 then starts to falls off (this is due to the previous tune). Also, ignition timing may be off a bit.

Front tires have done their time. Rear still looks good.
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By jamaul08
The car is in the shop prepping for track day at AMP and TougeFest. The planned upgrades are huge, but still tentative.

-Possibly new oil cooler
-New injectors
-Harness Bar or Half Cage
-New driver seat (Sparco, Corbeau or Bride?) ... I haven't decided on how much money I'm willing to part with for this
-New steering wheel
-Headlight upgrade
-Removal of ECU Dash Display
-Install new temp and oil pressure gauge
-Dyno tune
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By jamaul08
The headlight replacement:

Black Oak 6" LED single row bar
30 watt with 3300 lumen output. I chose the combo optics which is a combination of flood and spotlight beam patterns.
By yogib777
Good to see you and the car are still around
[imo AMP is way better than the dragon or Helen]

nice mods planned
mine def needed an additional oil cooler
[20 min at AMP had my oil temps at 300*, cruising at 80% was ok]

i used the cheepie sparco seat [300 bucks]
Image20180309_160602a by Barry Belgard, on Flickr

worked well at AMP [but not as comfy as the stock seat]

AMP, love that place, great track

anxious to see how you installed those lights

i'm back to doing some development work for 2jr
drag bars this time
changing mine over to drag racer for next season
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By jamaul08
New steering wheel:

Momo Mod.07 in black leather

momo.07.JPG (23.93 KiB) Viewed 795 times

I am a little concerned that the wheel may be too close to me after installing the quick release and hub behind it. Worst case scenario I'll return it and get the Momo Prototipo instead. It's a flatter design and would sit about 60mm further back.
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