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By BrooksyCC7
Bought a 2011 BMW 128i on March 17, 2017. It's Jet Black and came with 55k miles on it. There are some small issues that need to be addressed but that's to be expected with a used car that didn't even make it through the shop before I bought it.




Future Plans




This list will take some time...

Pic for faps:

Those that don't know, I was rear-ended in my Sentra back in November and I've been fighting with the insurance company to cover the repairs, so far to no avail (long story). The Sentra is drive-able but definitely not safe in the event of another rear end collision. The repairs will be around $2000 and I just don't have that laying around, oh btw I was laid off 3 weeks ago. So, with all that being said, I bought this car in preparation of letting the Sentra go back to the bank and settling at a later date.

My wife works at a Chevy/Mazda dealership and this was on their used lot. We got it at cost + $500 + TT&L. Out the door, with the 36k extra warranty and gap insurance, I'm financing ~$14,000 and the car itself was just under $10k so I think we got a great deal. I will take some pics soon and get them put up.

Now, back to the Sentra. My current plan is to keep up with the payments unless I'm out of work for a good period of time. I was able to land a short-term contract already so that will definitely help, and I was overpaid on severance so part of that may go towards getting the repairs done. I'm just kinda weighing my options right now, so stay tuned.
Yeah you know, such is life, no biggie. Like I said, I'm sticking with the Sentra payments for now, so hopefully I get full-time work quick enough.

The Bimmer is definitely a lot of fun to drive. I'm hoping I can keep both, using the Sentra as the daily and the BMW as a weekend/night out car.
Turns out the issue on the bumper is not buffable so I'll probably be replacing that with the 1M Coupe bumper at some point.

Stock for reference: ... x1200.jpeg

1M Bumper ... 9529_2.jpg

I've also purchased the Carly for BMW app and OBDII adapter. It allows ECU coding for things like lighting and automatic folding mirrors, things like that.
I noticed a squeak in the suspension last Friday while driving in a parking garage. Thought it might be a bushing, took it back to the dealer and what do you know! They replaced it at no charge.

Really liking it so far, and still plan on updating the original post with a couple more pics and some future purchase plans.
Got the adapter and app today. List of changes:

-"Always on" DRLs to be "extra lights", one single bulb vs. low beams (I will setup some kind of LED lighting for this later)
-Tail lights (outer and inner) on with DRLs
-Digital speedo
-Blinkers do 5 blinks with a quick click vs. having to hold
-Windows roll down with hold of unlock button
-Windows roll up with hold of lock button

I plan on doing this tomorrow:
Come to find out, the golf tee mod had already been done by the previous owner. So a couple things on the list:

Troubleshoot 12v charging port not working, hopefully just a fuse
Attempt fitting Enkei T6S 5x114.3 18x8.5 with 235/40 Dunlop Direzza ZII Star Spec tires. I will need adapters to fit the 5x120 lug pattern.
New front speakers, as the stock speakers are terribad
Look into the possibility of retrofitting a bluetooth adapter like here:
Get a new set of headlights and try my hand at retrofitting with the kit I bought for the Sentra and never installed, as well as adding Halos

That's all that I can think of right now without spending a couple grand on performance parts.
Updated original post to show the extent of my future plans for performance upgrades, which may take years to accomplish. With these mods, I would be pushing close to 300 HP (crank) all motor with a tune.

Last week I was going through a dimly lit construction zone and rammed a curb, completely trashing my alignment. Took it to Firestone where they were having a sale for their lifetime alignment at $150. Got the alignment all "squared" (lols) away and luckily there was nothing else wrong. It seems the alignment from the dealer was all screwed up anyway.

Also took a drive to Waco for the weekend and I think with all highway driving, I may get close to what my Sentra was getting with the mods I had, which was about 28-30 MPG. I keep loving this car more and more, especially with articles saying that the 128i is the last great BMW driver's car.
I'm not a huge fan of blacking out cars, but this one does lend itself to that very well. I will black out the reflector housings when I do the retrofit and I may do tinted tails. I will not do black wheels or get rid of the chrome pieces though, I love those contrasting pieces.
Luckily the cigarette lighter issue was just the fuse. Bought a pack of 20A fuses for $3.99 and now I can actually charge my phone instead of trying to rely on the USB port!

Went to Nismo Fiesta this past weekend and had a blast. Didn't really take any photos or video but I was easily keeping up with modded Z34s on the Twisted Sisters cruise. It's so frustrating knowing that it cost me so much money in aftermarket parts to have almost as much fun with my Sentra. And now I can actually keep up in the straights as well.

The only time I wanted my Sentra was trying to go fast on the really tight corners. The Ventus V12 Concept 2 tires just don't hold a candle to the Direzza ZII Star Specs. I'm hoping to remedy that soon by moving the wheels at some point but I'm not sure if the adapters will even work since the BMW doesn't have studs and nuts, but wheel bolts. Guess we'll see when the time comes.
Had some fun in the hill country outside of San Antonio over the weekend. Here's a couple of shots, will get some videos uploaded as well.







Sadly no real updates to make here. For those that care, I found work rather quickly so I'm saving for go-fast parts. I did end up letting go of the Sentra, but not before removing most of the aftermarket parts. So I have an intake, strut bar, coilovers, and two axle-backs sitting in the garage; trying to get those sold.

I've driven the car for about 10,000 miles now and I'm still in love with it. Hopefully by the end of the year I'll be able to get the first performance part purchased. Anyway, will update shortly.
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