Our favorite cars of the month
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By BrooksyCC7
Ok, so here is how the COTM is going to work.....

All times are Eastern Time Zone


- The nominations will start at 10:00AM on the first Monday of the month, and will run until Friday at 3:00PM, to give ample time for nominations and such.
- You can submit one(1) entry, but you CANNOT vote for yourself.
- The nominations will be submitted to (BrooksyCC7) or Jamaul (jamaul08) via PM! We will then keep a tally, and make a thread with a picture of each car that has a nomination.
- The first ten (10) cars to receive one (1) nomination will be officially entered into the contest. If we do not reach ten (10) cars, the nominations will end at 3:00PM that Friday, and we will go with what we have. (When this gets more active, it will take at least two (2) nominations.)

Voting: Round one (1):

- For the first round of voting, we will make a thread with a poll at the top, which will also include pictures, descriptions and all that stuff.
- The voting will start on Monday at 10:00AM the week after nomination week.
- The same rules apply for voting: You may only vote once (1).
- Round one (1) voting will end at 3:00PM on Friday.
- We will tally up the votes, and the TOP THREE (3) voted on cars will make it to the final round!
- If we only have three (3) cars make it to the voting rounds, we will have one round of voting for two (2) weeks.

Final Votes:

- The final voting stage will last from Monday at 10:00AM to Friday at 3:00PM.
- Each person may only vote once (1).
- After Friday at 3:00PM, the votes will be counted, and the winner will be posted.
- The winner must be an active member of http://www.allsentra.com. If there is no response from the winner within 72 hours, the second place winner will be given the win.
- Each winner will not be allowed to participate in the contest for the rest of the year, to give a fair chance to the other owners.
- HOWEVER, the winner of each month's contest will be put in the ALLSENTRA.com calendar for that month as COTM winner!
-Good luck, and let’s keep it friendly and fair, as this isn’t a popularity contest or anything. This is just a chance to highlight some cars and make their owners feel special!

IF you get nominated for COTM, here are the requirements of what you are to submit:

- 3-5 photos and/or short videos of your car, you posing by your car, or whatever you want. Just remember these are the pictures/videos that you will be judged on.
- Short mods list (you don't need to name every part you have by brand etc....just a quick list.)
- Also, a brief description about you, and your car. (ex: what your goals with the car are> like if you're setting it up for drag, auto-x, track, or if its just your daily driver.)

****ALL of this information will be sent to jamaul08 via PM. We will take your info, and arrange it all nicely in the thread for everyone to view/vote on. If you do not send in your info, you will not be put into voting!

****ALSO: If you have any suggestions, or amendments to these rules, please post it in the suggestion thread HERE. Thank you!
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