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By stayintrucha
So I live in california where we are "smog safe" what mods would prevent me from passing a smog check? I heard getting headers would make me remove my cat converter but idk if thqt is true can anyone clarify for me what mods I could and cant do thank you
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By Evan
Some intakes are 50 state legal (they usually brag if they are). Any modifications to your exhaust system would be illegal in Cali as far as I know. Someone in cali would have considerably more experience in this area than me.
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By ProTo20
Injen CAI is Carb legal, and so is the DC sport header for our car.

Look on versaspeed for the header.

Cat back systems are legit aswell.

Basically you just need to keep your stock cats in and you fine.
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By Greasemonky
It has to have a carb sticker to be smog legal here in Cali. That being said there is underground ways to smog your ride, we have a guy that well pass anything for 150$. The guys I street race with have a ref that takes cash for pass also. I have the injen CAI it comes with a carb sticker, injen is based out of Cali.

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