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By Evan
Hey, selling my old DD. Just went through the whole spiel and got it cleaned up. If anyone is looking for a turn key dd with no immediate maintenance let me know.

2002 Saturn SL2. Auto trans, 99k miles. Inspection is good until mid 2017. No SES/CEL lights, everything runs perfectly and smoothly. Price is set at $3,300 OBO.

I no longer have a need for it since I no longer have the spec :(.

Pics can be seen here at the craiglist link.


List of things replaced:
    Replaced Spark Plugs (NGK V-Power)

    Replaced Ignition Wire Set (Prestolite)

    Replaced Air Filter (WIX)

    Replaced Fuel Filter (WIX)

    Replaced Transmission Filter (WIX)

    Drain and Fill Transmission Fluid (5 Quarts Dexron III)

    Replaced Engine Oil Filter (GM AC Delco)

    Drain and Fill Engine Oil (4 Quarts 5W30 Synthetic Blend)

    Replaced PCV Valve

    Replaced Alternator (USA Industries Re-manufactured)

    Replaced Radiator

    Drain and Fill Antifreeze (50/50 GM DexCool)

    Replaced Drive Belt Tensioner

    Replaced Drive Belt Idler Pulley

    Replaced Both Side Outer Tie Rod Ends (MOOG)

    Replaced Both Sides Front Control Arms (MOOG)

    Replaced Both Sides Front Strut and Coil Spring Assemblies

    Replaced Engine Mount (Improved Design)

    Replaced Engine Torque Strut Mount

    Replaced Transmission Mount

    Replaced Transmission Torque Strut Mount

    Replaced Windshield Wiper Blades

    Replaced Right Side Marker Lamp

    Installed (4) New Starfire 185/65R15 Tires

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