Full vehicle's for sale, any kind
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Mon Mar 14, 2011 2:03 pm
New Rules for Classified Section
1. When posting a full vehicle for sale you must include the VIN, status of the title (clear/lien/salvage/etc.) and at least one picture and follow this format...

Contact information
email and/or phone number


Make Model Sub-Model
Nissan Sentra SE-R



Transmission type
Manual or Auto

Title status
Clear Title/Reconditioned/Rebuilt/etc.

Asking price

Yes or No

Additional information and mods
Where you list any mods and your general description of the car, then your photos.

2. Do NOT just post a link to a craigslist ad or any other classified ad (ebay, forums, etc.). Please take the time to put all info into your thread.

3. Please clearly state what vehicle your parts will fit if you know.

4. Posts left dormant for over 3 months will be locked and moved unless notified it is still for sale.

5. Everyone remember to leave other members feedback in their profiles. That is why we have it there, so it can help other members in future purchases.

6. Titles for all sections should reflect the following depending on what they are... (FS: For Sale, FT: For Trade, WTB: Want to buy, PO: Part out, etc.)

7. If you have multiple threads and want to consolidate all items into one thread, that is fine. Please let us know what the old threads are so we can lock and move them.

8. Do NOT post multiple threads for the same item.

9.When your item is sold, please leave a comment on your thread stating it is sold so the Mod Squad knows to handle it. If you simply edit your post or title, it may not be seen, therefore will be clogging up the classified section even more.

10. Please post in the appropriate sections. For Sale/Want to Trade - is specifically for auto parts/accessories (This includes part outs). Wanted - is obviously where to post if you are looking for something to buy. Full Vehicles For Sale - For full vehicles only. MISC For Sale - Anything else you are getting rid of that doesn't go in a car. Looking To Buy - this section is for if you are looking at buying a car and would like to get opinions, or professional advice from guys at dealerships on the forum, this is NOT a WTB section. Group Buy Interest - if you are trying to decide to organize a group buy. Official Group Buys - For group buys only. Feedback Threads - This is where you can post about your buying/selling experience with other members. You are still encouraged to also leave it in their profile feedback as well though. Sold Classifieds - This is where all of the old threads will be placed once locked and moved.

11. Any thread that has been locked/moved to the sold classified can easily be reopened by any Mod Team member with good reason. Simply send any moderator or administrator a PM and we can get it taken care of.

IF YOUR THREAD IS IN VIOLATION OF THE RULES, IT WILL BE LOCKED AND MOVED IF IT ISN'T FIXED IN A TIMELY MATTER. If this happens, you will have to PM a mod or admin to get it unlocked so you can fix it.

If anyone has any questions regarding these rules, or suggestions for more, please post up in this thread.

These rules apply to everyone.
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