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By mustwatchtv
I got an old 98 nissan sentra 1.6L that has problems starting in hot weather so I checked starter,solenoid,battery,cables and relays all are good so what I would like to do is attach a push button bypass to the ignition switch but is there any way i can add one from the ignition wires by the key? I wanted to clean the ignition itself but its riveted in and I dont want to add any long wires or cut holes in only going to have this car til aug and dont want to put alot of $$$ into it.thanks for any help anyone may have
By mustwatchtv
ok since no one has an answer,I did more research and found that there are only 2 screws you have to take off to release the plastic switch put a screw driver inside and turn as if it was a key if it starts no problem this will fix it,once done look in the hole where the ignition switch came from and there you will see a small metal "T" in the center, shimming it up with what ever you can find I used small electrical shrink wrap tubing and placed it over the T and heated it up ..problem solved
Thanks anyway
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