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By Hypernova
After I fixed the P1105 issue, a new check engine light shows up:
P1447 EVAP Canister Control Valve related issue.

I've replaced several parts and checked the vacuum lines but it keeps coming back. This issue is driving me mad.

Here are the things I have done:
- Checked the vacuum lines, no leaks whatsoever
- Replaced 2 EVAP parts (see attachments) but nothing changes.

I cleared the check engine light but it keeps coming back after driving for at least 30 miles or so. I am completely stumped and I am not sure what to do at this point.

Edit: my vehicle is 1998 B14 with ga16de engine.
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By Hypernova
In addition. I have noticed a pattern where the code usually shows up with bumpy roads. I did some emission tests with this app: ... carscanner

When the check engine light is gone, I only has failed tests with EVAP and Catalytic. When the check engine light goes on, the O2 sensor test fails, plus EGR failure as well.

I also checked these:
- All solenoid are working (opens/closes) after testing it with the 12v battery
- No vacuum leak found at all after using vacuum smoke diagnostic
- EVAP Vapor Canister (and other components) behind the fuel tank is perfectly fine and I did not spot any physical damage.

I cannot rely on the app since some information could be incorrect. I have frustrated with this issue and I have completely stumped what to do next.
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By Hypernova
I have cleaned all of the EVAP lines, make sure there are no leaks. In addition I spent $200 purchasing and replaced the charcoal/vapor canister. After 30 miles the same check engine light shows up again. I have went through OBD2 again and I did not find any issues.

I have contacted several more mechanics and they are stumped. I don't know what to do at this moment. I cannot pass the emission test and I have spent $500 for this infuriating P1447 issue. :facepalm:

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