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I recently purchased a 1992 sentra se-r, i can already tell i am going to love the car once I get it up and running. Even though this car will primarily be used for SCCA rallycross i am planning on starting out in SF (stock front wheel drive) and to do that I will need a new headliner, the one that was in the car until today had completely dissolved and dry rotted, the only part that seemed to be in relatively good shape was the large foam square behind the sunroof. So if anyone knows of somewhere or someone that either carries or has a headliner for sale that would be greatly appreciated. though not as important to replace, I would also like to replace the dash in the car, the current one is cracked to hell and back. I will probably pick up a dash cover until i can find a dash, as for condition all that matters to me is that the dash is not cracked, if it is faded or maybe even a little marred up here and there i do not care because i will be flocking the dash anyway. though it doesn't really matter I am kind of spoiled by also owning a miata, where there is never a shortage of people parting out good condition parts (oem or aftermarket), so i could use some advice on where or who to talk to about procuring some decent sentra parts.

I also might be interested in a relatively low mile SR20DE for the sentra, the one in the car seems to run pretty well other than a little blue oil smoke coming out the tailpipe but considering the miles on the car and the potential that this motor has never been replaced or rebuilt there is a chance that the motor does not have too much life left in it.

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