By 2012SPECV
This topic has been dead for awhile now. I know that more people have purchased uprev tuner edition by now. Lets get some tables posted up to share the knowledge and help out the people just starting out.
By 2012SPECV
My current tune with adjustments to the throttle table for the lightweight flywheel. I adjusted the cam phasing a little for the obx header and timing changes for the warmer weather.
By 2012SPECV
Fuel table
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By BrooksyCC7
Unfortunately no. Osiris comes from UpRev and unless they have a crack for the ECU you won't be able to do any tuning with it. I see you're driving a B17 which they do not have a crack for yet.
By powderohyeah
im already confused how it works! looking at those charts

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