By UpOn1SERiousV
so, I spent roughly 8 hours with FIC installation.... soldering extension wire, taking stuff apart, soldering to the ecu plugs... blah... nearly done...vaccum and wires all run, all that's left are to solder the two crank sensor wires, then start up :)
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By aaronsummers
UpOn1SERiousV wrote:I'm already tired of this checked wires over and over... Can't get car to start and stay on....'m about ready top go back to the safc... Fml :facepalm:

Welcome to the FIC. I helped a friend put his in his caliber and same stuff. Worked on it for another two days before we got it figured out. Just go back over it and double and triple check everything. You will figure it out. Good luck.
By UpOn1SERiousV
LOL, appreciate it. I already said forget the FIC and it's back in the box (for sale! lmao) the SAFC2 was working fine... just thought I could make more, smoother power... either way, I deploy this year sooooo... full build and uprev as a welcome home to myself haha.... oh well, started my shocks tonight after the wiring nightmare... finish that up tomorrow~
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By Tonez
That sucks that you couldn't get it to work for you, but at least you are looking on the bright side after with a full build and uprev in the

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