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By Hypernova
Hello guys. Sorry to bother again but I am facing an issue with the brake light:
- the brake light works fine when the headlights are off
- when headlights are on, the passenger side brake light goes off when the brake is pressed
- when the brake is not pressed while the headlights are on, they worked fine.

I did some research and some people suggest the issue is caused by the brake light switch. I feel skeptical with that solution and I am not too sure what should I do. I have already replaced the light bulb but the issue persists. Any advises or solutions are welcome!
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By Mbrice420
Try this if you haven't already:
1. Check all the fuses that deal with the lights, all of them.
2. Check/ replace bulbs that are broken.( I seen you did this already)
3. Check the brake light switch. Make sure it has current. Replacement is 15$.

This is where "average Joe" car mechanic ends. If non of these things fix the problem then you may have a wiring problem.
Exposed wire or bad ground connection.
Bad wiring harness too.

You might have to take to a mechanic so that they can diagnosis the problem.
Electrical can be a pain in the ass :thumbup:
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