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By bfrey1992
okay so I have a 93 sentra coupe auto 1.6 154k miles. I recently purchased it and have been tinkering with it here and there but recently decided I trusted it enough to take a lengthy trip and was stunned by my MPG I'm averaging around 22-26 mpg on the highway with some backroads, no stop and go and no hard accelerating. I know this cant be normal so I'm asking any suggestions to what could be causing this? I have not changed plugs or plug wires yet been busy with work but I have changed the fuel filter(K&N) it had a cheap cold air intake on it and the filter was in rough shape so I took it off and cleaned it and ive ran some royal purple fuel treatement through it. Can plugs and plug wires make up 10mpg? it runs good no misses at any rpm some slight hesitation when gaining rpm depending where how hard your accelerating like for example a quarter throttle picks up faster than half throttle and from that I thought maybe the previous owner moved timing but it appears to be correct timing. idk I'm lost ive never let plugs go more than a year before changing them in my other cars so I don't know what to look for with bad plugs and wires other than obvious signs of missing. any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated
By Jon
Many times fuel filters are over looked so it can't hurt to change them. Inspect wires for arcing. If you mist them at night you will see arcing if they are bad. I would definitely replace cap and roter like yogi said.and air filter. All these things are regular maintenance so they should be done regardless. After that you should be good to go for many miles and get better mileage. I am assuming there is a inline filter that year.
By bfrey1992
ive combed thru alot of vaccum lines all were cracked or just plain missing. i discovered a wire from the MAF thats grounded out by a bolt thats bolted on the intake manifold any idea why?
By Tommyv246
I’ve had two b13s. Low 20s in the city is very normal and driving at 60mph max on the highway you’ll maybe get around 40mpg with the 4 speed automatic transmission. The 4 speed manual will get mid 20s city and 35ish highway .. the issue is your revving the shit out of the car just to keep a speed or get up to speed regardless of driving style .. I have tried everything from driving like a 95 year old to driving like it’s a sports car on a race track and. To be honest with either driving style I did not see any significant different in the amount of miles I could do on a tank .. the original EPA fuel economy estimates from the early 90s were lies on all vehicles in my opinion.. the a/c also kills your fuel economy if you turn the ac off I know for sure you’ll notice a difference lol
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