Need help with your car? Ask in here.
By 92b13Se-r
Hi guys my car has 262000 miles on and has been overheating for about a week now. I have replaced the water pump, themostat, the radiator cap, and flushed the radiator and block. I have no idea what is causing this to happen. I also have removed the new themostat and it still will do it. I have to be doing about 65 mph for it not to overheat, but as soon as I slow down it spikes up. Any thoughts?
By 92b13Se-r
The fans did not work when I got the car, so right now they are wired to a switch in the car and I run them constantly.
By 92b13Se-r
Ok Im gonna put a new radiator in tomorrow to see if that does it. If anyone has a different idea of my problem please feel free to say something because im out of ideas.
By Callum Chester
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By udewarti
Thanks for the tips. This is very helpful to me.

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