yogib777 wrote:now i just run without it

Yep, that's what I ended up doing.
Intake actually sits nice and snug with little play cause of the double couplings.

Filter rests on top of the powerbase for my HID light. Not really causing any damge to it so I think I should be fine without the braket.

Plus I don't have a 350 HP monster under the hood like you Yogi :D lol


By yogib777
good point
mine shakes it's head enough at wot
to spit bolts

i'm about to shift to RR 245/40/17 bfg RR1 slicks
dot, ex race tires as freebies from Joe

these tend to eliminate most of the shakes and head wobbling
that street tires tend to enable

in the real world these are more like 265s
have to clean them up but they have plenty of surface left
ImageDSCN0632 (2) by Barry Belgard, on Flickr
I reached a point with my Sentra where I can't justify putting anymore work into it. :(

The first Gen B17 just doesn't have the mod support that the 2nd Gen is starting to receive.

I plan on replacing the speakers with some better ones but after that I think I'll be done.

I feel it would be better to save my money and maybe get a second wip that is more mod friendly and just keep the Sentra as my utility.

I still got my eyes out for a used 350z which is something that seems to be falling into a price range I can achieve. ;)
Well today was rotate tires day so while I was at it I decided to re-set the preload with about 4mm compression.
That was BCs recommend preload for DD.

Also, re-adjusted the camber to -1.5 according to the top plate lines.

I raised the front about 1/8" because I'm tired of having to run such a hard damper setting up front. Currently had the setting at about 25 clicks to hard (max is 30)

With the new settings the wheels sit more flush with the flender and I am able to soften to 15 clicks to hard(settings in the middle)

Definitely a lot smoother of a ride. Car doesn't pull to either direction either so alignment is not bad but I'll still have it done.

Next month I'm getting the front brakes replaced so when they do that I'll have an alignment done.



Seen that they have a disc brake upgrade for the B17 from Hawk performance.

Waiting on a reply from Tire rack cause the
AD claims it's for the rear brakes but my Sentra has drums in the rear...

I know that the All Sentra store sells it but I'd rather just order it straight from a distributor instead having two middle men.

For the B17:
If it's not the SR, SL, or nismo then it comes with drums in the rear.

And to be honest I don't really see the need to have 4 disc brakes (maybe the turbo) because this car is slow, I mean really slow... 130 HP and that's on a good day when the moon is blue and the stars have aligned with the planets ;)
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