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By BrooksyCC7
Hey forum,

I bought the SL in December 2012. It's fully loaded (minus sunroof and Bose speakers).
I'm averaging 30+ MPG after breaking in the car and driving less conservative than when brand new.
I'm not quite sure what I'm going for with this car, but I like the sport luxury look, kinda like a G35/37.
So we'll see where it goes.


-Tint 35% Front/20% Rear
-Erix Custom Mesh Grille - Upper
-SR Rear Bumper #850223RM0J
-Ikon Motorsports Front Lip

-Tanabe Sustec Underbrace - Buy
-Megan Racing EZ Street Coilovers (Discontinued, now EZII) - Buy with upgraded springs Front/Rear
-Tanabe Sustec Strut Tower Bar - Buy
-Enkei T6S 18x8.5 Wheels (Matte Silver)
-Dunlop Direzza ZII Star Spec 235/40/18

-K&N Typhoon Short Ram Intake - Buy
-Tanabe Medalion Exhaust
-2JR Light-Weight Pulley
-Versa OBX Header

Current Plans:
-Bi-xenon Morimoto Mini Stage III

Future Plans:
-UltraRacing Rear Strut Bar, Underbrace, and Anti-Roll Bar
-SPC EZ CAM XR Camber Bolts

On to the pics.

PhotoBucket Gallery

Stock (January 2013):








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By nissanguru
Welcome!! Car looks great!! I look forward to seeing it with a drop
Nice man! How's the acceleration compared to your '11? Faster or slower? What about the handing? Which car do you enjoy driving more? Just curious and yea a drop and exhaust would look good! Maybe some tinted windows and black wheels later down the road?
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By BrooksyCC7
I haven't really done any performance driving in the '11 since it's actually my mom's car, but the older model feels a bit quicker. The new model feels more nimble which is helped by the fact that it's ~150 lbs. lighter, and I definitely enjoy mine more. That may be because it's brand new, but it's got so many things that weren't even available in the last model pertaining to luxuries that I appreciate (5.8-inch navigation, bluetooth, leather, etc.). I personally like the look of the B17 on the exterior. It's not nearly as aggressive as the B15, but I still think the B16 is pretty ugly. Obviously the SR trim looks better than the SL with the side skirts and spoiler, but those are available to buy aftermarket for the SL as well.

When it comes to the transmission I would prefer a 6-speed but this CVT seems miles ahead of the last model's. It gives you what you want when you want it, and although I love to joke about it, sport mode is not a bad thing. The throttle response is merely fractions of a second slower than a MT would be. Being a father of two that drives 30 miles to and from work, I was looking for something comfortable and I can say that the interior in this car is just that. You may have read that there's actually more head and leg room than in the new model Altima, yet as I said earlier it weighs less than the outgoing Sentra. Driving from Dallas to Houston (about 3 1/2 hours) I had to pee before I had to stretch my legs.

Once in Houston I met up with a bunch of other guys from the forum for IFO all driving SE-R's and Spec V's and none of them were driving slow. I had no real issue keeping up until it came to weaving in and out traffic or going around corners, which is obviously much more difficult with a bigger car. All in all I'm extremely happy with the car.
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Haha good to hear man! I like these b17s more and more. Def a lot of room for cosmetic upgrades. Black wheels and blacked out windows would look sick on this car!I for one like the rear bumper on the SL more than the SR. Imo the SR bumper looks weird.

Thanks for the comparison. Keep us updated!
By squeakycess
Nice man welcome. I'm also new here and just bought my 2013 sentra SR last week thursday and eager to get it lowered, change out the fog lights to hyper yellow and upgrade my headlights to HID.
I want some tips as to what brand coilovers to buy, so if you know anything please let me know, thanks.
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By BrooksyCC7
So, just a quick update. My family and I went on vacation to Colorado in the car a couple of months ago (at least 1600 miles round trip). I'd say I averaged between 36 and 39 MPG. The only time I was uncomfortable during the drive, driver or passenger, was trying to sleep in the backseat. I'm 6'0" tall and it's not 6'0" wide. One thing I really appreciated on the trip was the engine brake. While I was off the throttle, the car would not speed up going down mountains. That was nice. And it was surprisingly a lot of fun going in and out of switchbacks.

My bonus hasn't come in yet (probably middle of June) and I also was sent to the UK for work and I had to pay everything up front so no upgrades as of yet. Here's to hoping I have something to update within the next month or so.

I have a pretty consistent 0-60 time of 10s flat. It's pretty bad, but it's comparable to the Hyundai Elantra. The car has no trouble getting from 0-40 when hammering the throttle. The 0-60 time lulls between 40 and 60. Also, passing speed (which I consider 50-60-70) is no problem. I constantly drive the car in ECO mode which significantly helps MPG. To elaborate on the different modes: Normal is well, normal. ECO delivers smooth, consistent, yet less responsive, performance. Sport mode is jumpy, as the RPMs are constantly ready to be revved. Cruising in Sport mode, the RPMs stay around 2000-2500 whether you're going 30 or 60 and any little push on the throttle will get you going. Also, my official recorded top speed is 118 MPH. That's in sport mode after probably 3 miles of stepping on it, not much more room there.

BoostedB16, not sure if you know about the Texas Sentra group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/TexaSentras/
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By BrooksyCC7
Just ordered the K&N Typhoon intake that fits B16 SE-R/Spec-V to see if it will fit. It's supposed to come in Tuesday, so we'll see.
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By BrooksyCC7
I think it's been confirmed at this point that the B16 suspension will absolutely not work. Once someone comes out with something fairly conservative, I'll jump on it.
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By BrooksyCC7
20Specv12 wrote:
BrooksyCC7 wrote:Just ordered the K&N Typhoon intake that fits B16 SE-R/Spec-V to see if it will fit. It's supposed to come in Tuesday, so we'll see.

Did you try this?

Yeah I did, and I realized the only way to get the intake to fit was to flip it around where the MAF was pointing the wrong direction, and when starting the car it would die immediately. Obviously, it's also possible that there was just too much air being brought in regardless of the direction of the MAF. So at some point, I'm going to try and modify it to get it to fit the correct direction and see if that works. I'll update once I do that.
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By BrooksyCC7
I haven't heard or seen anything official. I'm still trying to find the time to see if I can get my intake to work. Tanabe has been in R&D for the B17 for a while, but doesn't seem to be getting a lot of support. 3DCarbon has an aero kit that you can find on eBay, but besides that, not much.
Sweet :)

Should look good :thumbup:
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