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By micabby
Okay, I have a question..
I want to be able to remote start my SR
but i don't have a push to start button.
Do i need to have a push to start or can I
somehow be able to start it with a remote from
the dealership?

Ps: I hope I posted this on the right forum board :?
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By Greasemonky
You can install a viper alarm with remote start, or buy a other brand with remote start feature.
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By micabby
Thank you very much I looked into the Viper alarms and I wouldn't mind replacing my factory alarm at all becsuse it sounds kinda wimpy to be honest (my current alarm). Plus being able to start my ride from far away :D Great suggestion!
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By Greasemonky
The only thing about viper alarms is the wires run all over the car. If your not familiar with electrical I would suggest havering a shop install it.
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By micabby
I will definitely go to a shop because when it comes to electronical I suck. But thanks for the heads up GreaseMonky!!
By Cody08
I've got the Clifford 590.2x with the ad on smart start module on mine (non push to start). I'm a big fan of anything DEI. The main thing you need to look for in a shop when getting one installed is that they solder their connections not t taps or twist and tape. Also make sure they aren't to lazy to actually install a hood pin. You wouldn't believe how many alarm remote starts that come through the shop I work at with problems don't have one installed.
By mothraB17
the B17 has firmware for the Standard Key, both manual and CVT, while the PTS only has firmware available for the CVT. A lot of newer vehicles have t-harnesses available for most of the connections eliminating shops from using t-taps on vital connections. when it comes to hood pins, they are not needed in every install. some vehicles transmit that status over data. the firmware for the B17 transmits that status over data so if you pop the hood of your vehicle while it's on and see an indicator on the cluster than you wont need a hood pin.
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