So I wanted to add fog lights and use a light/turn/wiper combo switch like the factory setup, I found the “kit” online and found a post on this site for a 2013 Sentra that said their car had fog lamp connectors behind the bumper, i did not check for this ahead of time, but I should have.

I bought a aftermarket combo switch, lights and I also bought a yellow HID conversion kit. The kit didn't come with any mounting H/W but i have tons of parts around and I was confident I could finish the job with parts I already have (and I did, even with the hiccups).

I started with pulling the splash guard off the inside wheel well, and there was no wire to be found. So I took off the headlight and some of the bumper cover, and I did find a wire. But it was for the block heater which i didn't even know the car had (and don't need in my area), but no wire for fog lamps. So I changed gears and installed the new combo switch. The dash indicator for the fog lamps comes on when the fogs are switched on, so it looks like I do have something for wiring.

Did some searching online and couldn't find anyone else who has came across this, but I did find some useful info. The fuse for the fog lamps is in the box under the intake tube, and the fuse was actually in there too. I pulled the fuse box out, pulled the fuse and traced the output of the fuse to the second and third pins on the orange connector pictured below. The connector with a single black/yellow wire you see in the picture is the one you want, the next two space's beside it is where the factory fog lamp wire would be if you had it from the factory. Nissan would have intended this to be right and left but really doesn't matter which is which because both are connected together in the fuse box and go to the same 15A fuse.


So now I needed wire and the small female connectors to fit in the orange connector. These are common connector's on Japanese cars and I am going to get this done with what i have on hand. My old '03 civic which I'm parting out and has lots of these style connectors in good shape so I cut a Honda connector free and carefully stole 2 wires from it. The connectors snap in place through a hole in the back, a small screwdriver inserted into the back side of the metal connector will free it, I also cut the Honda plastic connector since I don't need it again, but you can remove just one without cutting it and put it back if you are careful. Your connector needs to be straight and square and have the hole on the flat side. (BTW if your Nissan purist who is losing it after reading I'm using old Honda parts you might wanna click the back button now, this post has only started going downhill, it gets worse K ).


You need to pull the orange plastic connector out before you push the new wire's in, there is a tab at the bottom you to release it. Then look at the orange connector where the existing wire goes in and you can see one side of the metal crimp is flat. Insert the two wires with the flat side facing the same way as the existing wire until they lock in place, you might need a small screwdriver to push it in but don't force it the connector bends easily. I used some heavier gauge wire than I needed to wire to the fog lamps, and brought everything back into the fuse box through the same hole the OEM wiring comes in. I crimped the white wire's for the fog lamps to the Honda wire's using a gel filled B-connect and I added some shrink wrap. The Honda wires I'm using are green/silver and blue/silver in the Pic below.


Then snap the orange connector back in the fuse box, fortunately Nissan gives you a lot of room to hide any extra wire in the bottom. Be sure to put the fuse box back together properly so water and dirt doesn't get inside it. You can see my shiny black wire loom on the left side of the box.


The white wires run to positive (red) on the lamps, the black wire from lamps will go to a frame ground, I used gel filled shrink wrapped water resistant connectors. This was easier with a HID conversion since I could cut the connector off the HID conversion kit that would have connected to the factory wire (which wasn't there) and then connect directly to my new wire. If you want to use the halogen bulbs you will need to buy the connectors to wire up halogen bulbs. I also wrapped the wires with plastic wire loom and ran the passenger side wire under the plastic cover in front of the rad (don't run the wire on top of the rad, they get hot!) and then strapped everything down. The lights didn't come with mounting hardware. I found some wrap around metal clips that are threaded on one side in one of my parts boxes, from an old K car (I warned you this post was going downhill!) and bolted it all up.


Im really happy with the end result, everything works as it should. I haven't looked around but you probably can find a supplier that sells “tails”, a length of wire with a crimped female connector for the fuse box on one end, this would make the install a lot easier. For me I will eliminate the Honda wire when I find the right connectors.

Have you ever resolved those issues?

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