By tall_t2019
I have a completely stock 2006 1.8s, and for awhile now, I've had an intermittent issue with a stiff "crunchy" feeling shifter, no grinding gears, just stiff almost like something is binding in the linkage. Last fall I changed the transmission fluid to Redline 75-90 transmission gear oil. At first the car seemed to shift better, but I it still felt crunchy at times and sometimes would be very difficult to put in reverse. The car would do this when running and when off. There was possibly an improvement when temperatures warmed up, but it didn't go away. Recently, I realized that Nissan actually specs 75-85 transmission oil for this car, so I drained the Redline and switched to Nissan OEM 75-85 transmission oil. I didn't notice much difference in shifting, but again a bit better during warmer temps (the warmest it's been is in the 50s). The shifter can feel stiff even when the car is off. Could this be an issue with the linkage? I inspected the bushings, and they look ok...

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