People with deep pockets that want to stay N/A
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By bfieldb17
No just incase people didn't know that is was available
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By BrooksyCC7
Edited OP to reflect intention of post.
By b17-6speed
I have the 2j pulley on my b17 and i love it i definitely noticed i big difference it revs alot faster has less rev hang and the acceleration is noticeabley better now to so for 100 dollars its totally worth it and i highly recommend it to anyone with a b17
By jc403458
I'm wondering if I can put a 2j pully on my 2017 s ... I just got the set of 350z staggered wheels for it

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By jc403458
Wow. Looks clean
yogib777 wrote:should not interfere
most people move the wheels out
[closer to fender further from engine]

i used the 2j pulley for several years on two engines
bright shiny silver
ImageDSCN1502 by Barry Belgard, on Flickr

before going to the nhra required heavy dampener
ImageDSCN1570 by Barry Belgard, on Flickr

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