Nitrous, Superchargers, and Turbo info in here
By macphee23
Hey everyone, owned a 17 SRTurbo for a little while now. Got some Altima SER wheels last week, now I have an AEM Cold Air and Forge Diverter Valve spacer installed as of August 24th.
Part Numbers are: Intake AEM 21-818C
DV Spacer Forge Motorsports FMSPRN12

Intake makes you actually hear the turbo spooling now, and the diverter valve spacer basically turns the DV into an atmospheric BOV or something more like a 50/50 DV/BOV since it only has 6 little holes in it, and probably doesn't dump all of the air to atmosphere. Sounds good though. Definitely sounds like a turbocharged car now haha
Also I've been driving the car a little bit since both have been installed and I have no CEL.

1 tip for the AEM intake is to put the lower intake tube fastening bolt into place before fitting the filter. I made the mistake of thinking I could put the bolt in after I had the filter on and no way were my hands getting in behind the rad support and headlight to do it. AEM supplies very informative instructions with pictures with their kit.

Now onto some pictures. Ill try and get some videos sometime.

if the mod damages your car then warranty is voided. if not you're good lol. some mechanics at the dealer (if you still take it there) can report the mod and if they're dicks can void your warranty. Some mod cars too so would probably look the other way.

I personally don't care about the warranty, I have an extended one of my B16 and I'm modding it to hell lol. If it breaks I got places I can take it to :P
Nismo_Sentra wrote:Was the dump valve spacer hard to install? I guess I should ask, any harder than the AEM intake? Because that wasn't hard....but also wasn't easy.


DV spacer was easy. disconnect the wastegate and DV connectors to make room for wrenches. 3 bolts. pull off the DV, put spacer in place, put DV back on top of spacer, use 3 new bolts that come with it. took me about 5 minutes.
aiden.himes wrote:How do those upgrades affect your warranty? Looking into doing something similar

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I was told from the dealership when I purchased my car "We have people come through and do that stuff all the time, it's not a big deal. As long as you don't start messing around with the computer you are good to go"

I might have gotten lucky with my dealership though. Others might not be so lenient.
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but i'll leave it

may give you idea's

well, well, this b17 page [2j racing] on SRT/Nismo parts is growing

they already had the lite pulley and midpipe

newly developing,
a catback which jumps pipe diameter from 49mm to 70mm at the narrowest parts
a full CAI too

in addition [and perking yogi's interest]
forged rods and pistons

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