Manuals and Automatics
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By ScottyD423
So I bought a 2017 SR Turbo about a month ago, 30k on it and I gotta say, whoever put that mileage on there wasn't easy doing it. Pretty sure I need a new clutch, 100% positive I need a Throwout bearing...theres a rattle when letting off the clutch pedal, and it grinds when hitting 3rd above 4k rpms, and EVERY gear is stiff to get into when its warm out, buuuuut I can't seem to find either. Is the dealership really my only option? I'd rather not pay $1000+ for a job I can do myself. I know my warranty will cover any transmission repairs but not the clutch, cause its "wearable" like tires and brakes
By Emanuel
They won’t cover the clutch but all the components around it they will. I had the same issue at 50k, I would hear more of a crunch going into 3rd on higher than 3.5rpm . If your clutch slips or the car turns on in gear with out the foot down on the clutch then. I would say it’s the clutch ... but if the prev owner was a super newb and just had no regards of when to shift and went up hills while riding the clutch ... then I would probably say the clutch. The issue sounds the master slave , check for leak under the tranny if you see a lot of build up of dirt and grime then I would say it’s a leak ... dealer swapped the tranny and that’ was that.
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