Pads, coilover kits, springs and sway bars
By yogib777
only the RA series are offered currently

msrp 1250
seen on ebay about 900-1000

i have used these since circa 2009 [b15]
in a vq, an NA qr, and now a turbo qr

they seem capable of anything and have shown excellent resistance to rust and decay
[i'm in north ga, and we do get snow]

good stuff imo
and a world away from k-sports or even tein basics [these were good too, just not as adjustable]
Obviously I've never used BC, but $500 more than Megans seems like a lot. Either of you know how they compare to each other?
By yogib777
megans and bc look similar but behave differently

megan ez streets are available at that lower price
imo they will be fine for the street

but come track time any series bc will outclass them
this is true for tein basics and ss too

on the track BC is king
best dampening , if using the inverteds best lca control,
best springs and optional swift springs [best in the world imo]

megan also make the street series for our car
which are an upgrade but cost more ... 8&catid=31
I've never ran either, but I've been in multiple cars with Megan and BC. Like Yogi said, they look similar, as do others (F&F, Stance, etc). I've always been a fan of Stance and although I never got BC's when I had a VQ, they gave a similar ride as the Stance coils.

Megans probably use some cheaper materials in certain areas or something, but the feel of the ride is not as smooth. That $500 is a steep difference, $250-300 ish woulda been a better price point IMO, but they do have a better product. Testing that I've been subjected to was on the street, not track, buuuut sometimes you turn the street into the track.
NIce... I was looking at the spring rates and they do seem low. Do you have 12 kg all around? I'm getting the impression that they're soft on the ride, and firm on the handling. Is that about right?
I still need to get in my upgraded springs (10k/8k from 5k/6k). Since I never plan on doing actual tracking but like Levon said, tracking the street, I'll just stick with my Megan EZ Streets and upgraded springs.
The one thing I can appreciate about my BC coilovers is the camber adjustment in the front. Idk if the Megan's have that. But the springs could use an upgrade. I might keep them and upgrade some components. If my air struts go bad I'll switch back until I get new ones.
BrooksyCC7 wrote:I still need to get in my upgraded springs (10k/8k from 5k/6k). Since I never plan on doing actual tracking but like Levon said, tracking the street, I'll just stick with my Megan EZ Streets and upgraded springs.

How do the Megan EZ Streets feel on the street?
They feel good. Good thing is that the dampening is really easy to adjust (little dials on the top of each coilover) so you can change the ride pretty drastically between soft and stiff dampening. And again, unless you're tracking it, 15-way adjust-ability is really more than enough. If you want to stiffen it up for some fun on a twisty, takes maybe 30 seconds to adjust all 4 dampers, and the same for long trips if you need to soften them up.
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By Mbrice420
Well after much pondering and consulting a couple of friends I have purchased the BR Series Coil-overs. My buddy that is doing the install said they were better ride quality compared to the Megans. I opted for the standard spring settings of 6k/5k. Can always upgrade if i feel the need. Will post pictures of the install once I get them in the mail.
I was going to wait till March but when I sent a picture to my buddy who is doing the install he seemed more excited than I was Lol. He wants me to bring it over as soon as possible to do the work and said I could pay him some other time. I will most definitely be posting pictures of him installing the setup!! 8-)
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