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By EuroDriver
Hello everyone, I'm new here - just joined the forum. I'm a noob both to the forum and to the Nissan Sentra (although I've previously owned a Datsun 510 and a Nissan Maxima, if that earns me any street cred, lol).

I just bought my wife a 2015 Nissan Sentra which she is in love with except for, well... the lighting performance. She gave up her Mercedes W203 for the B17 Sentra. Her W203 had the E46 bixenon headlights and she's a bit frustrated that now she can't see that far down the road in rural driving conditions.

I'm a bit surprised at the lack of information and options for an HID retrofit on this car but anyhow, my goal is to get her lighting as close to what she had in her Mercedes. Ideally, I'd like to retrofit E46 or E55 bixenon projectors into the Sentra. Plan is to get some Depo headlights and go to work on them (since the factory lights are permasealed). Anyone done a retrofit and can share tips and tricks?

In the alternative, I was looking at some Anzo projector headlights which might be nice to avoid a ton of work. Anyone have any experience with them? I'm talking about these: Anzo Projector Headlights - I'd like to know the projector size and if there's any decent OEM bixenon projector that I can drop in with relative ease vs molding in projectors on a reflector-based housing such as the depos.

Any info appreciated.
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By jamaul08
Looking to do something like this? viewtopic.php?f=170&t=12698&hilit=b17+retrofit&start=40#p213628

Most of us that have done this get the parts from

The mini H1 is basically the go-to kit. Try not to get a huge shroud or you'll end up having to cut a lot to fit in the housing.

This thread is old and the pictures are missing, but there is good information on how to retrofit headlights: viewtopic.php?f=87&t=8165&hilit=retrofit

It's not terribly difficult, but I would recommend ordering a second set of headlights to work on. This way you can take your time and are not rushed to complete it.
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By EuroDriver
Thanks for the info! I'd seen one of those threads before (and have it bookmarked) but I still can't get an idea for the degree of difficulty in opening up the headlights. I have a few retrofits under my belt, but I have never dealt with permasealed headlights before. From what I have read, they come in varying degrees of difficulty with regard to how firmly they may be sealed. Couldn't find out where on the PITA scale these headlights are, and I don't know if I have the time or the energy to find out through the school of hard knocks, lol.

I spoke with a pro retrofitter this morning and I'm inclined to ship him the headlights . The drawback is that his ETA on turnaround time is 4-5 weeks :( He recommended the Morimoto Mini D2S 4.0 projectors. They look like they perform well enough to go with them opposed to another type of projector that I would have to JB Weld on to the housings. I was about to click on "place order" on a CAPA certified set of Depo headlights (and at that point I was ready to take the project on myself - assuming the Depos use butyl) but the guy I spoke with convinced me that the quality of Depo lenses has really gone down the toilet. On that advice, I bought a set of pretty decent looking OEM assemblies on fleabay.

Unless someone can convince me that getting these open is not all that bad, I'm planning to ship them to this guy to install the Mini D2S 4.0 projectors. I'm going to complement them with GTI-R shrouds, Denso slim ballasts and Osram Nightbreakers.

On a side note: anyone know someone in San Diego, CA that can get these opened up for me?
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By EuroDriver
Just a quick update:
One of my project headlights arrived and I decided to take a stab at it. IDK how everyone else has opened them up, but it proved beyond my skills. It's now FUBAR. I managed to get one corner open where there's a gap between the housing and the lens but for pete's sake, the permaseal is like tire rubber and the plastics are bonded to it. I got a couple of melt spots on the housing and a corner of the lens hazed up and got microbubbles (probably too close or touched inside the oven). I went through 2 heating cycles and gave up as I figured by the time I make my way to detach all around the lens, everything will be too cooked to last for the long haul.

I'll chalk up the loss to learning pains and I ordered a set of Depo assemblies - just crossing my fingers that they use butyl. I avoided the CAPA certified version to reduce the risk of seeing permaseal again. I'm planning on applying Xpel film on them to have the lenses last a few years.

I have a set of Morimoto Mini D2S projectors on the way with the GTI-R shrouds, Denso slim ballasts and a harness. As for the ruined headlight, I'm going to grind it open and practice on it. I'll transplant the OEM LEDs over to the Depos just figuring they'll last longer than aftermarket. I also noticed that the rear of the reflector housing is very close to the dust cap. IDK if the back of the projector shaft will fit inside, especially once the D2S bulb connector is in place. I might have to order some cap extensions or something just in case.

The new assemblies and all components should arrive late in the week. I'll update with pics once I get the project underway.
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By Starkles
That sucks, doesn't sound like that permaseal stuff is very fun. Here's the how-to I created when I did my bike. Same kit I used on my B16 and same basic steps.

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By EuroDriver
Cool job on your bike! I've done a couple retrofits before on my Maxima and on my MBZ E350. I'd never dealt with permaseal before though and it's kicking my arse! I already mangled one headlight so I ordered a set of depo headlights and guess what - they're also permasealed :x

At this point, IDK if I'll go at it slowly and hope to be done by Christmas or keep looking for a local retrofitter...
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By Starkles
EuroDriver wrote:Project is complete. Increase in lighting performance is amazing!




Looks good man. I've never heard of Permaseal, but I've been away from modifying anything for a long time now. I've been considering doing a retrofit in my new Superduty, but if this stuff is a new standard I might just stay away from it.
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