Lips to Eyes, how do you like it?
By mothraB17
has anyone swapped the reflector out for the actual light version? I'd like to get some feedback before I purchase. if there is an interest of swapping this but no one has done it, I could do a full step by step install.
By _Nismoooo
HyBr1D wrote:Do you mean the upper two reflectors or the lower one where the diffuser is? ... light&th=1 ... +fog+light

That's exactly what I was talking about. The little "F1" light in the middle of the diffuser. I just got the car this past weekend, and that was the first thing on my list as well as a making my own little muffler delete.
By _Nismoooo
Those ones that you linked on Amazon look like a good fit. I'll try and order one this weekend and get it installed. I'll let you know how it works out!
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great looking car

NISMO Floor Mats.

may I know where you found those floor mats?

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