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By NavyLegacyGT
Alright so here is a thread i just wanted to start to log all the research and end result of getting the Suprastick v4......

Suprastick website:

Install manual:

This is from a maxima forum but gives excellant info as to setting up the Suprastick (this page is giving all the info with the install and tabel settings.... back at page 1 through here is other info and questions): … ics-4.html

So here i will update with the build and post pics of everything and possibly create a how-to on this to help out whos cars are shifter confused.....

--Suprastick has an automapping feature that i think i will use for the tabels and then just adjust it on the race map.... the daily drive map will still be basically the same as the current settings.

Ok so I got an email at 2 am last night from the cheif design engineer:


Quite a few users have completed installs on Nissans recently. The SSv4 is a universal application, and is compatible with the nissan shift pattern. We do not offer detailed support on Nissan installs, however.

The insatll is targeted at the race only crowd, as the unit does not control transmission line pressure. It passes thru the stock line pressure, and provides the option to go to full line pressure at a selectable throttle setting.

Best Regards,
Garrett Rowe

--Drop resistor mod gives you "control" of line pressure.... for dd you don't want to mess with line pressure.... anything more than stock could fuck your tranny during light dd.
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