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I'm not sure where else to go, but I have a brand new Sentra SV I've owned for less than a week. Had two miles when I bought it, and it's already causing me problems.

The headunit will randomly go silent anywhere from two to five times in a twenty minute drive, for a few seconds at a time. This happens regardless of source: XM Satelite radio, FM, Android Auto, Bluetooth, you name it. I figured it might be a software thing, so I connected to wifi and tried to update, but nothing happened.

Looking deeper into it, there seems to be handful of software glitches around the unit. In the XM Satellite Radio thing, for example, I can press a button to choose weather information I want to display in the background, and it says I have 8 pages of options to scroll through. In reality I can only get to page 3 of 8 because the other 5 don't load. Additionally, when I click on "Software Update" after connecting to wifi and it says I'm running version 0604 and it was last checked on 4/19/2017 - but when I click check for update, it instantly changes the date to 4/24/2017. A seemingly random number that has nothing to do with the actual date. And it doesn't retain that number after the car is shut off.

So I took it to the dealership and asked them to look into it. Here are the things they told me that didn't make sense and I suspect might be untrue:

1) Only they could update the software on the head unit because Nissan restricts it to require THEIR wifi.
2) Their wifi was down (they had all the same networks they did when I bought the car and the SV won't connect to a network that doesn't broadcast an SSID so...)
3) I *could* update it from my home or mobile hotspot, but it wouldn't be as good as if they did. (This ONLY came up after I mentioned that Nissan has a youtube video specifically for allowing owners of 2019 Sentras to update their software, and this claim not only conflicts with their first statement, but makes no sense at any rate).
4) Nissan won't let them replace the headunit even if all signs point to it being defective until they've gone through potentially weeks of service department troubleshooting and delaying me.

What are my options here? Am I being lied to? I've followed along with the guide for updating my software, and that's gotten me nowhere. I feel like I'm not getting everything I paid for here and I'm kind of upset about it, to be fully honest.
Leave it at the dealership, whilst they give you a loaner for the time being. Its under warranty and its their problem.

To save time they can just stick in a new unit and send the defective one back to third line to be refurbished.

This kind of stuff happens.
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