Need help with your car? Ask in here
By NightGhost19
I was wondering if anyone has had issues installing a new shift knob on a 17 SR Turbo? I took the old knob off, which does not twist off. I had to pull up to pull the knob off and had to remove the plastic piece attached to the shaft. I've found work arounds on how to install a new knob with the reverse lockout but all the videos has a threaded shaft. The shaft in my car is smooth and the top looks like a metal file, no threads. The adapter pieces that came with the new knob are either too loose or aren't big enough. Any ideas on how to do a good install that works with the pull up reverse setup?
By macphee23
you can buy knobs with a wider opening at the bottom to accommodate the reverse lockout lever, I installed one without that feature. its just sitting up a little higher than factory so the lockout still travels far enough to disengage. It doesnt take much of a pull to disengage it, maybe 1/4 inch. I threaded my knob on to the plastic piece, but you will have to run a dye over the shifter shaft to get a knob to thread on.
I had to figure this situation out by trial and error. This was a complicated one for me, there isn't much info that I found for the 2017. I'm happy with my results so far. I will post pics if anyone wants them.
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