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By Mbrice420
Because your moving the wheels out and off the center hub, you will now be relying on your
wheel studs and lug nuts, to not only help center the wheels, but also bear the load of the car itself, its occupants and payload.

That's why I dont care for them.
By yogib777
lets try to stay on point here
and make clear, if you are new to this proceed with caution

increased loads on all suspension pieces will occur
[wheel bearing, bushings strut mounts etc]

do you know what a scrub radius is?
Image20161017_153914 by Barry Belgard, on Flickr

what effect will your spacer have?
this effects turn in, tramlining, and torque steer

get it right, track extended 2" [not recomended hard to get right]
it will stay flat and fly thru corners
Image1309494 by Barry Belgard, on Flickr

get it wrong, oh boy
you have a head shaking, tq steering monster you can't keep in lane [ wot]

due to limited choices in 4x4.5" wheels, often final fitment may require the use of small spacers.
i did not exceed 15 mm

and always use
hub centered , milled flat and plane with the hub, spacers

there are hub centered spacers
[as well as non hub centered spacers]

hub centered spacers have an extended ring
and fit precisely on the hub
Imagerotorgood by Barry Belgard, on Flickr

you also need high quality extended lugs

please study before doing!!!!!!
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By Mbrice420
Lots of good info yogi :thumbup:
All and all, most people use spacers for fitment purposes more then a performance gain IMO.

They don't make the wheels in your desired offset? Spacers

Wheels hit suspension? Spacers

Want big brakes but can't run those cool factory wheels? Spacers

get what Im sayin? :D

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