Need help with your car? Ask in here
By cayers1122
First off, I am Chris. I am new here and I of course I came here looking for some help. I am very mechanically inclined and have done an absolute ton of work to my 05 Titan.

So the sentra. I picked it up for a daily driver from a family member. It was running like crap. First off, I scanned the obd2 with uprev that I have for my Titan. There was a misfire. I narrowed it down to a bad coil pack. I replaced the bad coil and the plugs for good measure. The car has just over 100k on it. It ran perfect for 10-15 min of normal driving then the cel came back on and it ran extremely rough. It wouldnt break 2000 rpm. I scanned it again and pulled a P1102 code. Maf. I cleaned the MAF, cleared the code and it ran perfect for another 10-15 min of driving then did the exact same thing again. Scanned it once again and pulled the same P1102 code and a P0731 code. That one said gear 1 incorrect ratio. I am just not convinced that the MAF is the issue in that if it where bad, why would it work like new by turning the car off then right back on. I am just looking for a little direction and I am really looking forward to getting 30mpg in this sentra as a daily driver over the 8-10mpg I get out of my titan.
Any help or insight from you sentra gooroos out there would be much appreciated.
Thanks in advance
By rymon sandy

I have a 2002 nissan Sentra gxe 74K miles. My car stopped on a highway and restarted after 2 minutes. I drove it home and restarted it next day morning. I didn't use it for next 5 days. It now cranks but doesn't start. Battery is fine.

I took it to pep boys. They said they couldn't read engine computer and they said they have to replace fuel pump. I took it to another mechanic. He said the problem is with the ECM (ECU). He said it needs a replacement. Yeah 2 different diagnosis .

Now I never had any issue with my car so far. This is the first issue and it seems to cost me 1000$ and Affordable Bulk document scanning services

I never got any recall letter cuz I never updated my address with them. Can I take it to a dealer for older recalls?

What should I do now? Bite the bullet and pay the 1k? What about used parts?

Any advice is appreciated.
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By Mbrice420
Ok, I'll do my best to throw you something:

It's not uncommon for a fuel pump to go out.
It can happen and yes it can be expensive as hell to replace as well as the ECU.

Watch this guy and try these steps if you are so mechanically inclined:

Good luck
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