Need help with your car? Ask in here
By Cano122485
Ok im hoping someone can point me to the right direction....
Car-2004 Nissan Sentra se-r spec v
Issue- temp gage was going up while parked with ac off turned car off asap no issue...looked under hood no sign of and heat damage examined sentra for any coolant leaks nobe at all (only a power steering leak)
Checked all tell tale signs for a blown head gasket...none
Opened radiator cap radiator was empty but coolant resivor was full???
Shouldnt the coolant move to the radiator??
Ok something wrong checked cooling fans...came on with ac took awhile but did come on with ac off as well....
Checked water pump to see if it grided or made any strange noice wen on....nothing....even tried wiggling it wouldn't budge only thing i can think is that the thermostat is stuck closed....but if it was the fans wouldn't have came on correct???
Somebody please feel free to point me in a good direction
P.s nothing clogged and radiator is fairly new radiator cap is secure!!
By yogib777
that does sound like a fan problem
make sure both come on

other possibles
thermostat sticking
and water pump bad

for race track use i must use pure water

this is totally not recommended, however i'm stuck with it

so i don't think antfreeze ratio is the problem here
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