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Hello all,

I did search before posting, sorry if I missed a revalant post.

2006 Nissan Sentra 1.8L

Over the past couple of years the A/C has stopped cooling when the car was not moving, just idling; but would then cool well once the car was moving again.

Recently the A/C has stopped cooling altogether, whether stopped/idling or moving.

I checked the compressor with the car running and the A/C turn on inside and I noticed the clutch is not turning. I see there is a single wire running to the compressor, but I cannot test if there is voltage present, as the alternator blocks access to the connector on the compressor.

I also noticed that the two fans behind the radiator are not working. I left the car run for about 5 minutes, but neither fan started. I am not sure if these fans only run when the A/C is working or not. I also checked the fan plugs with a voltmeter, with the car running and the A/C on, but never measured any voltage.

I tested both fans by applying 12V to them, but could only get the driver side fan (the one on the right when standing in front of the car) to spin.

I did notice that the driver side fan only has two wires, while the passenger side fan has four wires.

I was able to trace all wires except one, back to the fan relays. The one wire I was not able to trace is on the passenger side fan plug.

I also tested the two fan relays, applied 12V and I heard the relay engage and also confirmed with an ohm meter that both contacts closed. I also confirmed that 12V is being supplied to the relay coil connections of the relay socket using a voltmeter.

Does anyone know where the clutch wire goes so I can measure the voltage?
Does the clutch wire also go to a relay?
Do the radiator fans only work when the A/C is on?
Does this can have a sensor that prevents the A/C from working if the freon is too low?
Is there a sensor in the fans circuit that causes them to spin?

I am open to any suggestions on what I could test next. Thanks!
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