Need help with your car? Ask in here
By jeffersonwillis
So my girlfriend's 2000 Sentra GXE is no longer starting. She started it, drove about 8 miles to the gas station, filled the tank, restarted and drove another 16 to her university. About half a mile from the uni, she said that the car "jerked" and the tachometer failed and the needle went to zero. The car still ran all the way to the uni where it sat four about six-seven hours. When she tried to start it back up, nothing.

I have since gotten hold of the car and some clarification. The "jerk" was a sudden, split second loss of power (similar to an engine dying mid drive). The fuel pump was not activating, so I replaced it. Now there is fuel pressure at the motor (though very little) and her fuel pump fuse and relay are both intact/functional. It recently received new spark plugs and an oil change.
When the key is turned, all of the electrical components come to life as normal and the engine will turn over but not fire. To me this means no air, fuel, or spark. However, I am stumped and seem to have hit a wall in my troubleshooting. Any ideas/help etc is greatly appreciated.

The car has a problem where the thermostat goes bad about once a year. The car will overheat, not have heat and have a severe loss of power after a short time. Swap the thermostat and it is good as new for another year and a half +. Otherwise the car runs like a dream.
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