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Hey guys, my Sentra has been sitting for a couple months in my driveway, and after a little while I noticed it wouldn't start up. I thought it was the battery at first, so I had it charged up, but after plugging it in, I noticed it wouldn't even click. I've been regularly unplugging it as I've worked on it, and checking with a multimeter, so I know the battery's not low. My first thought was that the immobilizer was being tripped because it wasn't reading the key, because some things worked but others didn't. Here's a breakdown:

With the key set to ACC or ON, working functions include:

- Stereo (even turns on)
- Hazard lights
- Headlights
- Brake Lights
- Cabin Lights
- Power mirrors
- Horn
- Door locks

Functions that do not work with key in ON or ACC positions include:

- Power windows
- Turn signals
- Air blower
- Rear defrost
- Transmission is locked in park, can only be moved with bypass switch

Here's a breakdown of the troubleshooting I've done, with the help of a mechanic from JustAnswer, no less.

- Tried resetting chip key using the manual-specified key position method. Keep in mind that I was previously able to start the car with a NON chipped key.
- Tried unhooking the battery for extended period to reset the computer (still on the immobilizer train of thought)
- Checked to see if there is a voltage drop at battery when key is turned to START, there is none. No sound of any kind, either.
- Checked all fuses, not a single fuse blown.
Tried using bypass to switch shifter to neutral, then start - same result.
- Checked ignition switch connector, seems to be working fine (checked with multimeter and I'm getting the proper voltages from connector pins with the key in various positions, including voltage from the black-and-white starter wire when I turn the key to START)

I don't know what to check next. This problem did not exist at all before I parked the car, and it hasn't been sitting years or anything, just a couple months. Any help is appreciated. I have a good multimeter, the big shop manual, and tools to work with.
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