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By Daman77
[b]Hello still troubleshooting my overheating SENTRA 03, Since I am getting NO HEAT (plenty of coolant), I want to BYPASS Heater CORE, by connecting the 2 hoses to each other and see if coolant cools engine. My issue is, what size are these hoses? I am trying to find a U-Shaped hose with additional plug connectors that can bridge the 2 heater core issues together without leaking, thanks in advance.[/b]
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By CrickiKaze
What have you even done yet in the trouble shooting of the cooling system?

You could just cap the outlet/inlet from the block, would be better.
By Daman77
Thanks again... But I have just about given up, we've done everything, changed, thermo, ECT, removed Thermo, Did an engine block leak tester (came back good), water pump good, no leaks, etc... took car to mechanic again, did a test drive and he saw car over heat after driving 15 mins, even saw a small amount of coolant come out NEW water pump, has to be Head Gasket, even though we get no white smoke, oil is clean, fans kick in, but after idling for about 40 mins, then driving next 10 needles goes to H, comes down, then H again, and at some point will eventually stay on H :(
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