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By Yinzer1
I have a 2012 Sentra SR and over the past several weeks I have been noticing water dripping from the interior map lights near the rear view mirror while driving. I have no sunroof and had the windshield resealed and replaced recently (leak happened before and continues after replacement). Water stains are noticeable along the passenger side pillar. Has anyone had this problem or could point me in the right direction of where it may be coming from?
I have the exact same problem.
Been dealing with it since I got the dang thing back in 2015(2007 model)
My first suggestion is to remove the map light and out some absorbent up there to soak up the water to prevent any more water damage(mildew sucks)

Ive read that these cars have drainage tubes possibly unrelated to the sunroof(I dont have one either) that run down both sides of the A pillars that can become clogged from debris and or a faulty windshield seal.
If you just got the windshield done, what kind of warranty(if any) came with the work?
Ask them to take a look at it and make sure their adhesive bonded correctly.

If that doesnt fix it then you can take apart the drainage tubes to clear out whatever is stuck in there.
I read some just use compressed air and it flushed the obstruction out. Not sure how difficult this would be to accomplish since I havent gone through the effort to get it taken care of myself yet but I'm still searching for the answer.
Please Google nissan maplight leak and see what you can come up with because I dont want to just replace my windshield(even though I need to) just to end up with the same leak.
So... ... 08588.html

After further research ive found this post on an infinity sub
(No dice on searching with "sunroof" excluded)

It makes sense that the end flaps would become caked with dirt and clogged.
Yet, I honestly dont remember seeing anything resembling rubber or plastic tubing running down EITHER of my Apillars when I removed my dash to replace my blower motor.
I'm considering the possibility that it has something to do with the black trim that runs the length of the "room", as its called in the fsm.
Ill check under my A pillars later today and take some pics and if there's nothing behind them then the next step would be to try removing those trims to see if there's anything under them.
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