Tired of the qr25?
By Nissan_noob
So i had to replace head gaskets on my 05 spec v. Ive already put it all back in but now im wanting more power. I was looking into putting a v6 in it. Ive heard that the 3.5l will bolt right on to the spec v tranny. I was wondering if any of this is true? What would i need to change in order to put in a v6 and what motor would be the best fit. Thanks.
By yogib777
yes it fits

with maxima bellhousing tranny bolts up

they handle well motor weighs 50lb more than the qr

do a search on b15u
you need a good 3.5de
tloofs harness and motor mounts

the harness is the vital part
next is stacking your tranny behind the vq bellhousing

these are gems
in my opinion

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