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By yogib777
looks like your well underway
good plan overall

my experience
port the intake side only, save coin, exhaust is good

shaving the head caused me considerable cam chain problems
eventually had to use a cometic custom gasket to make up for the increased cam chain play
negating the compression gain

imo use pistons to get higher compression, just square up the head

jwt has suggestions for the header proportions
and the hotter cams prefer a 3" exhaust, even NA

i used a ported stock b15 intake with the vq throttle body was worth 7hp on the dyno
but could never get it to idle or run properly off the strip , wot only

buy just the intake came from 2jr

good stuff
good luck
and most important
have fun
By 2012SPECV
Thanks Barry. Btw I wanted to ask you. How much did you shave off your head? What do you feel is the limit?
By yogib777
i wasn't really clear enough,
after going thru 3 cylinder heads .

i have come to realize, due to the cam chain configuration

you really can't take any material off the head, as it compromises the cam chain system.
it doesn't allow maintaining adequate cam chain tension

as a result ,timing moves all over the place and eventually it jumps timing.

resulting in, new motor upper end
and new cylinder head
ImageDSCN1500 by Barry Belgard, on Flickr

the cure for this is to use a thicker head gasket.
this restores proper cam chain length,
but the thicker gasket negates the compression gain

use hi compression pistons, not head milling to gain compression

also at the 7200 rpm limit i found the cam advance parts failed

use a new one in my opinion
Image20161014_105649 by Barry Belgard, on Flickr

this intake and exhaust worked beautifully with cams
he stayed with all the turbo cars at the dragon
and had great sound
ImageDSCN1687 by Barry Belgard, on Flickr

try 0* toe in on wheel alignment
i think that helps the launch
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By eXcude
I thought the balance chains were gone on the B16 QR25? Can someone confirm?
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By eXcude
Looks like they moved it on 2007+, any tips for removing it?
By 2012SPECV
I haven't made it to the track yet. Its a 2 hr ride and well life can busy lol. I have worn out my bridgestone re71r tires I was hoping to use. I have some Michelin pilot sport cups I am going to be mounting to use for the time being. They probably aren't as sticky but still better than stock I bet. Hoping to go in a few weeks here to get my car in the 13s hopefully. I will update if that happens.
By yogib777
i'm going for the 1st time tonight with the RR/ track setup and toyo R1Rs
small 235/40s

running the 1/8 at, depending on fuel available, tune 2 [347whp] or if we find e85 [360whp,] tune 3
expect 8.5s to 8.6s on track tires [mid 13s in the 1/4]

my r-comps, toyo RA1s ,were totally unable to launch
just hop skip and jump
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