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Hey guys i have been looking around this forum for a little over a year. And i have decided that i miss my manuals too much so im going to attempt to do this swap.
So far i have:
transmission with flywheel (162$)
Ecm 50$
Under hood fuse box $20
Harness (manaul) $100
Clutch pedal assembly $50
Slave cylinder free
Shifter linkage $75

Now i know i still need clutch pressure plate and some odds and ends but i have some questions for people that have done the swap.

1. With the new ecm am i going to have to go to nissan to pair the ecm to the car?
2. Do i need new cv axles for the manual or are they the same?
3. Will i have to splice anything witg the new engine harness (electrical isnt my strong point )?

The goal is to swap to manual after that go boost. I have swappped out an auto in a civic and eclipse before but never had to mess with the harness or ecu.

If you guys have any other inputs ideas or comments please let me know

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Drove from south chicago burbs to rockford to get my trans. There was no way in hell i would pay 600$ for a 6 speed that 140k. Anyways now on to degreasing this bitch and waiting for the other stuff to come in. Ill post pictures later

By yogib777
2012 i believe

for 600 you should be able to get a near perfect tranny

imo the manual tranny will add greatly to your enjoyment
and really helps on tracks and mtn runs [imo]

also seems vital for boost
[which is the most fun]

on paper the auto should work with boost and some have achieved this

but i don't think it has the internal strength to tolerate 300hp and 300ft lb tq

which imo is where the real fun starts
By Don1970
I find it interesting to swap out the CVT for a manual transmission. It sounds like something worth pursuing. So was it a smooth transition considering it was mostly changing out parts?
cold air life

great idea XCLR8 love it

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