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Hi guys!

got my new led tail lights in the mail and excited as can be, went ahead with the install.
Only issue is there is gaps on the top between the tail light and the body, also on some gaps on the sides.

Is this normal? I used double sided clear tape (temporary to fill in the gaps) maybe go ahead with some kind of sealant later.

Thanks for any input especially any guys that have these kind of LED tail lights, I love them!!
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By HyBr1D
Well, considering these are aftermarket parts sometimes they don't come out with the perfect specs as OEM. If the gap is from the clear lens and the housing then a little butyl rubber can help seal any gaps. ... -glue.html

But it seems to me like you were discribing that it's not an exact fit. Meaning you see dark gaps going into the car and not the lamp itself.

Where did you buy them and who manufactured them? Did this happened with both lamps or just one? Also, were you ever rear ended or rear fender hit?
Seems like both tail lights have gaps, they look fine on the outside but they don't sit flush with the body of the car.
Left side has minimal gap at the top, none really at the sides. Right Side has more gap at the top and the sides.

To my knowledge it doesn't look like it was rear ended (bought it a few months ago) or to an extent that the the bumper is looking off place.

Wonder how tricky it is to remove the rear bumper if I have to play with the tail lights more? they don't seem to interfere with the rear bumper last I checked but I can do another recheck to be safe.

**Stock Tail Lights have no gap before I removed them for install, maybe I should try them again to see if they still go on the same way**
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By HyBr1D
Re-install the stocks see if everything lines up when you put them back in. See if all the prong lines where the housing enters the chassis go in and don't pop out a bit. If you bought them recently and didn't wait long to install just return em and buy from another manufacturer. I think the people who makes/made those LED tails were ANZO and CG.
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By eXcude
I'd redo your install, make sure you didn't do something that's causing the gap. I've messed with the taillights, swapping out the bulbs. Reinstalling them can be tricky to get them back in just right.
Those are definitely some cool lookin lights. http ://
I found their website but I'm a little discouraged to go to it or provide a link as when I did a google search there was a warning about the site possibly being hacked. :facepalm:

I'm real sketchy with items from ebay... so many disappointments.
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By HyBr1D
Just an FYI, I had a bad experience with the set of Eagle Eye headlamps in my retrofit.. both indicators broke at the tabs and one cracked in half beyond repair. So, even though you're not opening the tail lights.. their quality is ...meh... IMO. I prefer DEPO but they don't make LED aftermarket tails just replacement sets. I was looking for ANZO/CG version of the OP set but seems ike they're hard to find if not at all in Black... (like stock but with LED's) :(
Don't hear the greatest reviews on Eagle Eye stuff after some research lol :?
it's definitely unfortunate though cause I only got them with CG/ANZO not being found online.. These guys seem to make the same stuff, wanted it in red and bingo!

Here's some pictures below to get a better idea, else they look great away from the trouble spots of course. Getting in touch with the seller but also going to try my luck again in the day when the weather is more friendly.. (was cold out in the evening during install..damn winter..ugh!)
To tell you the truth I would have never guessed that the fit wasn't correct if you hadn't pointed it out. They look fine from a distance and even up close they don't look bad. If you feel the need to replace them, then go for it, but if there isn't any water leaking into the trunk or any of that fun jazz then maybe let it be... up to you :thumbup:
I was thinking the same thing guys, if there's no water going in with the way they look now I'm good. I applied some clear double sided tape to block out the gaps for rain/car wash as a quick sealant for precaution. I hear too many stories of led lights whether tail light or those pickup truck bed lights going bad as soon as moisture or water gets thru them but I'm sure they'll last if that's prevented as noted on the forums here with guys having them for 2+ years and no issues :)

I'll update once I get the chance this weekend or so in the day to give them another look, might need to get the one side with the tabs in first and then push outward so the left side with the screws can pop as I push in. In the daytime vs the evening after work is a better idea haha.
Just an update - I did some tinkering with the install again, the fitment is better with minimal gap. I still added double sided tape as a safer option at the tops, overall quality I would give it 8/10. It's not perfect but once you do some modification, such as the side that had the most gap I made the top bolt hole bigger on the right side by filing it so I could get it to align tighter as I was putting it in.

Look great and my biggest fear was getting water into the housing/wiring but thus far after a touchless car wash :o at the Shell gas station, it's passed! I prefer less black/white contrast and more red on white with the tails :D
Sounds good, if you don't hear back on this matter - no news is good news! lol.
These led tail lights are hard to find these days but still cheaper than a set of kouki type x tail lights ($450+ avg used) back in the day for my 240sx :p
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By HyBr1D
RED_LINE wrote:Sounds good, if you don't hear back on this matter - no news is good news! lol.
These led tail lights are hard to find these days but still cheaper than a set of kouki type x tail lights ($450+ avg used) back in the day for my 240sx :p

Seems like Eagle Eye might be "cornering the market" on these since ANZO and CG stopped producing them. Whenever I do a search the red one's pop up only under Eagle Eye. Besides, I'm not hurting for this mod really... My car is red hence why I wanted them similar to stock but with LED's.. :)
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