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By Goodtogo16
Hi, I want to change the look of my car a bit. what are the body kit options or if you know some model of another brand that can be adapted and change a bit

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By HyBr1D
There isn't a lot of parts out there in the aftermarket world for the B16... a lot of us stick with the stock look and add lips or splitters to compliment the stock look. Full fledge body kits I believe it's limited as well.

Duraflex Body kit and fenders... ... log-parts/

Stillen for the 2.0 Base models ... et%20Scene

RS Front Lip for the SR/SE-R/Spec-V front bumper ... specv.html

Stillen Front Lip for the SR/SE-R/Spec-V ... -front-lip

Front splitter, looks adaptable to all front ends. ... -12-sentra

and the universal ezlip...
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