Lips to Eyes, how do you like it?

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Will you consider this front lip?

Yes. ABS plastic
Yes. Polyurethane
No thanks. I don't like the style
No thanks. Too expensive
By RacingSolution
Hey all,

We want to proceed with this Nismo dubbed front lip for the b16.. We can do it in either abs plastic or polyurethane.. Obviously polyurethane would drive the cost up a little.. but the good news is we found a local manufacturer to make them.. We're optimistic that the production time will be quite fast.

We know the Stillen lip is available in polyurethane for about $225 shipped.. it's going to be hard for us to get ours around that price, but we will do our best.. Is everyone still interested in this front lip in polyurethane or abs for somewhere around $250-$275 shipped? Our goal is to get this made for you guys asap.. I know you've been wanting a front lip alternative.. our local usa based manufacturer can get these whipped up quickly.. but like most usa made parts, they are pricier than china made items.

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I would love one :thumbup: I always like that lip.
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By Starkles
I honestly can't decide if I like it or not.
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07BlackSpecV wrote:God that chop is sooooooo old.

I am OLD too LOL
By rtorresb16
Hells yes. I can already picture it on my car
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By SER4lyfe
I'd buy that too!
The day it arrives, I rip off the Stillen one...haha.
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By Evan
I might have my friend buy this for his black spec v and I will swap my stillen for this :)

I personally think it's a great design and $250 shipped isn't a bad deal at all. The closer you get to $300 though it's iffy.
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By DJ_Xqzet
I want one NAAAOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Pretty please? :D
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By Starkles
I offered you my wrecked front bumper about a year ago, but you never got back to me. The bottom is still in good shape and everything. I'm not sure if I still have it or not, I can have my roommate go outside and look.
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