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By SpecTime
Hey all,

So I'm looking at new shoes for my B16 Spec. I found a type that I like, however, I'm not 100% sure on fitment. I'm running on stock suspension (no coilovers), with stock tires at this moment. I'd like to keep it close to OEM, maybe slightly wider than OEM if anything. I've read where many here run 18's lowered with no rolled fenders just fine, but rubbing sometimes an issue.

Has anyone here ran the XXR 531 series wheel? If so, please share your experience. The more knowledge, the better, before making the investment. I'm looking at the 17X8.0 5X114.3 bolt pattern with a +35 offset. Link posted below to wheels in question. ... 4402031043

Thank you in advance
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By HyBr1D
yogib777 wrote:HyBr1D's car looks really good
xxr 531s should be available in that size too

might, maybe,possibly, once in a blue moon,
might have to roll and pull the fenders a bit,
for this offset , wheel and tire size

but check the look
worth the risk imo

Ty good sir...

Only reason I have to revise and pull the rear fenders is due to the rear accident(s) I was in. If it wasn't for that I'm sure I would of cleared the rear easy. Still, on my to do list... my friend at the shop told me if the paint cracks from the heat and pull then it'll be almost $800 to repair so I'm waiting lol. +35 offset @ 8" width will fit like a glove, DO IT and drop it for more sex appeal :P
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By SpecTime
Thank you all for the replies.

Yes, the offset, size, all of that is a bit confusing to me. I tried using the calculator on here, but to no avail.. which is why the new thread. I'm thinking maybe slightly wider with same 17'' size, 8 to 8.5 width. I don't plan on rolling my fenders if I don't absolutely have to; a direct fit would be ideal. Coilovers won't come until much later, if at all. It really depends on how these new wheels sit for me when I get them on. It's just a DD, so it's not like I'll be autocrossing it or winning car shows with it.

I gotta say, while it's been brought up, I do like the offset on HyBr1D's Spec. Are you running spacers on the rear?
By yogib777
look thru peoples builds

17x8, 35mm offset [et] is classic fitment with the tires mentioned on b16s

what amazes me!
that same offset fits everything from b15s to b17s
and rim widths from 8-9"

on rim width for a DD
don't think you will notice the difference between 8-8.25-8.5" wheels

usually takes a full inch to notice handling change at the edge

you will notice the change in tread
going from 47mm, et to 35mm, et

you have increased the tread by almost an inch
for a stock block with bolt-ons you will notice more stable cornering
and a small hardly noticeable increase in tq steer

car felt lighter on its feet with the wider tread

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By HyBr1D
No sir, no spacers on my car. The type of offset you decide to use will negate the use of spacers. The offset pretty much pushes the outer/inner rim inward or outward. Going higher like +40 ~ +45 will make the center of the wheel even or aligned with the upper lip of the wheel. if you bring the number down the center will start to go inward thus pushing out the lip of the rim (the outer diameter)

See how the center of the rim concaves into the wheel itself? Also, pushes the outer rim towards the fender filling your wheel well gap.

and this is a +45 offset looks like (stock) a +50 is pretty much no concave... creates no dish. and the wheel pretty much tucks inside your wheel well.

All in all +35 and +38 are perfect going with a 8" ~ 9" wheel width with 225 ~ 245 tires... of course depending on what size you go with either 17 or 18 will determine what profile series you will get... 35, 40 or 45.

which is why Barry mentioned 225/45/17 vs 235/40/17 and 245/40/17 all are close to stock if not already stock sizes.

Also, your wheel setup you're thinking of will fit perfectly because it doesn't seem you're planning much of a drop, now you're not limited to just coilovers, there are lower spring options you can get yourself into. Yet, at stock height you won't have any clearance issues... just remember the stock shock seat is bigger/wider than that of a coilover so, you may experience rubbing if you do lower on springs at 8 to 9 inch width wheels.
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By SpecTime
HyBr1D, great informative post. Agreed, yogib777.

I'm thinking just staying with the OEM configuration, keeping with the 225/35's. It looks like I'll be able to get these wheels in that configuration, too. I really appreciate the input, guys. I'm excited for these new wheels.

XXR 531 Reaxion in Silver with +35 offset, 17X8.0 with 5X114.3 bolt. I think that'll look great with a black B16 Spec.

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