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Hello fellow allsentra members.

With all the new threads lately with people asking about wheel offset fitments on their cars I am going to make an official B16 wheel offset thread.

This thread will help fellow members decide on what wheel setup will look good on their cars.

This is strictly for B16 Sentras only.

Just post pictures of your fitment with Wheel type, size, offset, tire size, camber adjustment, and suspension modifications.


2007 SER Spec V
Nismo 57F (Gram Light 57F)
Front: 18x8.5 +45 Offset
Rear: 18x8.5 +45 Offset
Tire Size: 235/40/18 Front + Rear
Fenders Rolled: Not yet
Suspension: Stock
Lowered Amount: N/A
Camber Adjustment: N/A

Center caps do not fit on the front, Ray's LMGT4 center caps may or may not work, if I can come up with enough money for a set I will try them.




2007 Nissan Sentra 2.0S

Rims: Ruff Racing r375 (Black with polished lip)

Front: 17x7 +40 offset
Rear: 17x7 +40 offset
Tire Size: 215/45/17 Front + Rear
Fenders Rolled: No

Suspension: Megan Racing Street Series Coilovers
Lowered amount: 2"-2.5"
Camber Adjustment: Yes
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By Tonez
07BlackSpecV wrote:BUMPERS, if you other B16 mods could give me a hand with this.

I am absolute stocker status on wheels and suspension at the moment.

No rubbing issues whatsoever. :D

On a serious note, good idea for a thread though... :thumbsup:
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By 1darkV
Great idea for a thought I have is to note whether or not the axleshaft end clears the wheel centre cap. That seems to be an issue for the B16s and aftermarket wheels, might make a difference to someone considering wheels and doesn't want the axle sticking out.
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By Tonez
^^^That's a good point too!
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By unmei

2008 2.slowww
Tenzo DC-6
Front: 17x7 +42 offset
Rear: 17x7 +42 offset
Tire size: 215/45/17
Fenders rolled: nope
Suspension: Eibach Sportlines (2.0 ver.)
Lowered amount: 1.7" front and back (approx. 25 inches off the ground to the top of the fender)
Camber adjustment: not yet ;)

btw the center caps do not clear in the front, i may just take them off the back, dont feel like spending munny on!
Devinnn wrote:Can anyone confirm or deny that an 18x9.5 would fit on a 2010 spec?

what offset and what size tire do you plan on running? you will probably have to roll the fenders
i dont plan on having them on long, just a week or two while i get my stocks powder coated again.. but .. thats the ad for them it says 245/45/18 tires in the rear and 225/45/18

he originally said the fronts were 18x8.5 and the rears were 18x9.5 but when i look them up online all i see is 18x8 front 18x9 rear so I'm thinking he is just confused.
you may be ok then, there are some others on hear with more knowlage on the subject if they would like to chime in.
but i would think you are ok on stock suspension
they are g35 wheels, those will work. a few other guys are running them and are lowered. the only thing i see being the issue are the tires being bigger.. but you are on stock suspension so you should be fine
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