Pads, coilover kits, springs and sway bars

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By Goodtogo16
Hello Goodnight
I want to put coilovers on my car, but I have a doubt with the model. My car has the rear suspension separated from the spring. Can you help me with that? Can you send me pictures of your cars and how is your rear suspension?
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By Mbrice420
Goodtogo16 wrote:I think your car is like mine the spring goes apart from the suspension ¿?

Yes, as Hybrid said, they are separate
Spring: red
Shock: yellow
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By eXcude
you need to keep the OEM rubber FYI, fits into the aftermarket rear coils.
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By Goodtogo16
HyBr1D wrote:So Aaron, what are your doubts about the b16 suspension and coilovers?

thank you very much for your attention, I already solved my doubts apparently had a bad concept
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