Pads, coilover kits, springs and sway bars

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By eXcude
I had this saved in a notepad from when I was going crazy trying to find a set of OEM struts for my B16 Spec-V, I figure someone else may find this info useful somewhere.

These are the Nissan part numbers for the OEM struts, I cross referenced all the trims and found only 2 different sets of part numbers:

Spec-V & SER
E4302ET82B front
E4303ET82B front
E6200ET81B back
E6200ET81B back

All other trims:
E4302ZJ60A front
E4303ZJ60A front
E6200ZJ60A back
E6200ZJ60A back

Retailers will say a strut made for an SER will not fit the Spec-V, but according to Nissan it's the same exact part.
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By eXcude
Front Driver
Front Passenger
Both Rears

I am currently running these and I know they fit, they also look very similar to OEM SpecV struts, although they technically don't fit.

Amazon item numbers (if links stop working):
Front Driver: Sachs 313 238 Strut
Front Passenger: Sachs 313 237 Strut
Rear D/P: Sachs 313 239 Shock
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By eXcude
Nissan certainly pushes you into the loving arms of coilovers, it's a pain in the ass finding the correct OEM SpecV struts w/out going through the stealership.
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By eXcude
bobbychet wrote:has anyone else had problems going thru struts?
I'm about to go on my third pair!

Struts can usually go 50k miles w/out needing replacement, depending on drive habits and road quality of course.

3 sets of struts is about the price of coilovers ~$1,000 and they are more durable, adjustable (you don't need to actually lower if you don't want) and are rebuildable. Unlike struts that just get tossed in the garbage.
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I bought mine from Bay Ridge Nissan dealer in New York . My dealer here in Bakersfield, CA wanted $8xx.xx for front struts & rear shocks.

Order Contents: 
P/NQuantityPrice EADescription

E4303ET82B1 - $ 139.23

Strut ASSEMBLY. STRUT KIT FRLH. Suspension Strut. 
Cartridge and Base of the Suspension Strut Assembly.
E4302ET82B1 - $ 139.23

Strut ASSEMBLY. STRUT KIT FTRH. Suspension Strut. 
Cartridge and Base of the Suspension Strut Assembly.

Order Summary: 
2 products , 2 items
$ 278.46Shipping & Handling to CA, USA$ 22.95

Total: $ 301.41
This pricing for Rear shocks:
Order Contents: 
P/NQuantityPrice EADescription
E6200ET81B2 - $ 66.62/ea.

Shock Absorber.

Order Summary: 
1 products , 2 items
$ 133.24Shipping & Handling to CA, USA$ 15.95

Total: $ 149.19

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